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London Real Estate Investment Authority Plc

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London Real Estate Investment Authority Plc is a sovereign affiliated real estate investment firm, established in 2016, and setup under a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Capital Holdings & The Investment Authority Plc.


The company focuses on adding value to real estate and creating core assets for institutional investors. The business is management owned and manages either directly or via its affiliated companies over £1bn of assets.


The business has a small but select list of long standing clients who we consider to be our partners, receiving dedicated senior management oversight throughout the relationship.


What makes us different:


  • A reputation for integrity and flexibility, with realistic and imaginative strategies that regularly deliver superior investment returns.


  • Preserving capital through disciplined risk management, combined with an ability to adapt to market conditions.


  • Maximising the value of the investment by enhancing capital value and/or improving operating cash flow.