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The Investment Authority

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The Investment Authority is a sovereign affiliated real estate & alternative investment firm, established in 2016, and setup under a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Capital Holdings. The business consists of three platforms as operating subsidiaries.


Our intellectual capital, integrated global investment platform and experience in adapting investment strategies to market conditions allow us to invest successfully at every level of a company’s capital structure.


Mandated by our principles to initiate and support measures that enhance investment and advise overseas institutions and private offices on appropriate policies conducive for investment and growth in the United Kingdom. The Authority aims to drive national economic growth and development with a focus on long-term value creation.


Abu Dhabi Capital Holdings our parent company is a premier sovereign affiliated multi-client family office, exclusively serving the unique investment requirements of politically exposed families, institutions and their related operating concerns. In this regard, ADCH serves as a dedicated investment management, advisory and execution platform for preferred members of royal family, oligarchs and ultra high net worth individuals.